POWEREX SHOPPING is the part of powereex technology ,which is an OEM company .All the products listed are the part of Powerex only .The Purpose of having Powerex Shopping is to make the customer getting their Genuine Products with good services .

POWEREX is in the mission of make in INDIA  and compete with good quality products and services in the market.

The products are gearing to a big level where POWEREX would be one stop solution for all products including all customised Products in Fitness Industries ,Automotives,Agricultural  Equipments ,Hand Tools etc.

POWEREX will Launch almost all products including :

1.Domestic and industrial Pumps 

2. Fitness Products like Dumbells , Single station gym ,Bench Press,T bar rowing, Long bars ,short bars ,chrome plated heavy collars ,Dumbell plate racks  .

3.Automobile parts ,Bush,Washers in small quantities 

4.All types Fastners and bearings 

5.Forging gate design spears ,peacock, Gates accessories. 

6.springs Manufacturing

7.Rubber products